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Thailand and “The Economist” on Democracy

“The Economist” already for years takes the part of Prime Minister Thaksin since he has the electoral majority: 51% must be right. But that is not a true criterium of democracy. It also depend how you got those 51%. The lessons concerning Thailand may have importance for Europe’s future. Continue reading

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The idea that China is much older than Europe is completely erroneous: they are DIFFERENTLY old. While China has had a history as a massive block,sometimes divided, then ahain healed, Europe has a much more varied heritage, incorporating elements from Egypt, the Near East,Greece Rome etcetera. The two must invite each other under their own tree for deep discussions. Continue reading

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FOCUS – 2010 September

While elsewhere we mentioned and recommended reading the speech of Newt Gingrich in the American Enterprise Institute, we will give some attention to  France in our focus of this month. By coincidence, – not by design,-  a modest contribution to … Continue reading

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FOCUS – september 2010

FOCUS end september early October 2010 While we think the speech of Newt Gingrich given in American Enterprise Institute is well worth readers’ attention, we have now a nice way for geoplitical balance by having this time our “focus” on … Continue reading

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The discussion on the problem of MALTA (see elsewhere on our website) brought us  an occasion to take a glance at the question  how  migration issues are dealt with in the Curia of the Catholic Church. This topic is of  … Continue reading

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sur cette question etonnante que nous pose Xavier Walter nous avons la suivante NOTE DE L’EDITEUR Dicté par l’actualité, ce livre établit le rapport spirituel entre christianisme et confucéisme dont il rappelle l’exceptionnelle humanité ; il s’interroge sur l’échec des … Continue reading

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LINKAGE COUNCILLORS helping Europe’s “rayonnement” in our embassies

Aanswering an analaysis by John Fox and Francois Godement of Europes lackl of negotiating power and expertise with China in terms of a “power audit”, Anton Smitsendonk suggests a moderate way of increasing the cooepration of European Ambassadors in Beijing by councillors who would help finding linkage of projects and activities. Intended is also a warning against too much concentration of “power” in the hands of a European Commission diplomatic action service, and making the Commissions representative into a “super’ambassador. Continue reading

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