…”Europe” because  we shall reflect on Europe’s destinies, its identity, its allies, its limits and the outreach to other regions like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, North Africa.
…”Voices” -in-the plural because never as in the USA Europe could have one single voice. Plurality is the essence of Europe even if it does have an overarching identity.
And yet if on a few specific items we might demark our terrain from the Americas, we send a cordial salute to the “Voice of America”. The United States remain our abiding great ally.   (see below for today’s highlight)
How could we ever forget our strong but younger brother. We shall not spare our advice when it is needed.

…”Voices” also in-the plural because this site will carry documents and reflections in various languages: French, English, sometimes German and Italian or Dutch.
…”Voices” also in-the plural because we carry our own voice but may aran echo to the voice of other like-mindeagencies.
Several groups come to mind like: La Voix des Francais, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the Hanns Seidel Stiftung, UNIAPAC, the Acton Institute, working both in the United States as well in Europe and in other continents  “Europae Gentes” a courageous latin trademark of the younger European generation, the ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce where it reflects on regional cooperation, environmental protection. Our own “China Carbon Forum  (www.chinacarbon.info)


About dutasia

Former Ambassador of the Netherlands, presently National Commissioner for Thailand and for Indonesia in the ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organization. Chairman of China Carbon Forum in Beijing, China.
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