Felipe González: “We shall honour the commitments made to Turkey”

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Former Spanish Prime Minister Felipe González 

We have added comments point by point. They are indicated as “Comments VOE”

Speaking in the European Parliament, Felipe González, chairman of the Reflection Group on the Future of Europe, a group that has no mandate to touch upon the future borders of the European Union, lamented the EU’s present attitude vis-à-vis Turkey, which he said lacked “coherence” and called the EU to honour what he considers as “commitments” made to Turkey regarding accession to full membership. Comments VOE: The group of which Joschka Fischer spoke a few days ago ? So much more reason to connect the two persons and their statements (see above) 

Comments VOE: Comitmentsw by whom ? without the people of our nations. Just by prime ministers exceeding their powers. There is also misunderstanding about commitments. A promesse de mariage is a commitment, but the mariage is valid only after going to the altar, and the official vows are pronounced in public. The European Uion  accession commitments are of that existential nature.

The former Spanish prime minister argued that Turkey is an emerging power, whose positioning in the world will have “very serious consequences”. Meanwhile, the Union was “dragging its feet,” “pretending it doesn’t see” and pursuing “a wait-and-see” strategy. Comments VOE : “emerging power” .WE rejoice in the emerging of Turkey but why would that have any influence von admitting the country to full membership ? Cases of Emergence should not take precedence over the proper functioning of our EU mechanisms and over social cohesion of our peoples, the only and true source of strength of Europe.
“Shall we continue to frustrate our relations with Turkey, or shall we honour the commitments we made ten years ago? […] Once we decided that Tukey is a candidate country, we cannot cheat on this commitment. We need to be coherent,” González said. Comments VOE : Like Joschka Fischer, Westerwelle, and earlier Bot, this is politics by emotion.
He warned against new “dividing lines” in future enlargements, also mentioning the Western Balkan countries, which are home to substantial numbers of Muslims, saying he was “worried” about ethnic-cultural or ethnic-religious divisions. Comments VOE: The Balkan muslims we can take on in the European Union, but not Turkey as a whole. That is an essential difference. 

Comments VOE : Sorry We shall not be able to take away Gonzalez’s worries

Source: Euractiv Anton Smitsendonk

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