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Cardinal Appiah Turkson recently sounded a warning concerning genetically modified seed used in Africa. The present aritcle adds a few experiences and examples of prudence used in other countries in similar occasions. The exampole of China to keep suopply lines short and to isolate experiments until appropriate markets are more fully ripened. Continue reading

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“Friends of Europe” on Turkey and secure EU energy supply.

“Friends of Europe” an opinion service on question related to the European Union arranges an evening discussion on the role of i.a. Turkey in securing the EU energy supply. It raises the question in what way this would be linked to the EU englargment process, meaning Turkey’s candidacy for EU membership. If this were to mean a quid pro quo by which Turkey gives guarantees for transfer in exchange for membership, our discussions would go entirely wrong. Membership for Turkey can never be the price at which Europe would buy energy supply security. Continue reading

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