newsletter 7 june 2011 VOICES OF EUROPE

Peking 7 june 2011

Dear Friends

Here is a new article in “VOICES OF EUROPE”

We argue that giving up something on the “Schengen Agreement” is not a tragedy for the European Union, as which it is often portrayed.
Such a step back may rather be called a step of wisdom.
More of such steps-back for the European Union are suggested.

  • … A step back from accession negotiations with Turkey ;
  • …A step back from eurozone constraints, permitting a member to leave ;
  • …A step back from transferring all losses on Greek bonds to national governments or to the European Union ;
  • …For a few  EU leaders  a step back  from discourtesy;
  • …A step back from centralized EU diplomacy with major other powers (we propose a modest, practical alternative);
  • …A step back from exclusive reliance on representational democracy in our nations and at the Union level. Direct democracy (people initiated referendums) is needed as a complement and as a corrective.

Are more steps back needed ? It is at least worth to consider that question.

Anyhow,the tabu of “always forward ” (and…enlarge !)  has now been broken. Any living organism must adapt to circumstances. In the EU things have often been done without proper consideration of consequences. Perhaps the right moment has now come to take a few steps back
reculer …..pour mieux sauter”   .
That will help the EU to regain legitimacy.
With regards

Anton Smitsendonk

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