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QUOI FAIRE …. contre immigration de masse en europe – Chapitre 2 SECTEUR SANTE PUBLIQUE

Under the general heading of how to avoid for Europe further mass immigration, this chapter deals with the implications in the field of public health, the social position of physicians, the need to form more personnel, to act in a more capillary way, perhaps some simillarity – at a more sophistacted level with Mao Tse Tung’s “barefoot docters. Also implications for mental health. Arguments against “gender theory” Continue reading

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QUOI Faire pour finir l’immigration de masse en Europe? CHAPITRE 20 – LA CANDIDATURE TURQUE –

CHAPITRE 20        La  candidature Turque Per 24 décembre 2011 Comment la Turquie entre dans cette discussion ? Elle y entre par sa candidature à devenir membre de l’Union Européenne, et de plusieurs manières. À notre vue son entrée difficulterait la … Continue reading

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QUOI FAIRE pour reduire une immigration de masse ? – Chapitre 7 – L’AFRIQUE MEDITERRANEENNE

In surveying our possibiilites to reduce mass immigration in europe we now look at Africa.Several ways of cooperating with African countries are possible for instance helping immigrants living in Europe to set up an enterprise in their home country. Also the recent success of African countries in dealing with refugee flows coming from Tunesia and later from Libya shows that there might be scope for cooperation with Europe. The flows to Europe anyhow are minor compared to what African countries had to absorb Continue reading

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QUOI FAIRE ? -chap 1 l’HABITAT – pour reduire l’immigration de masse vers l’Europe

IN OUR booklet Quoi faire contre l’immigration de masse en Europe this is chapter 1 on “HABITAT”, cities, urbanism what to do in our cities, including the difficult areas where the police has no more access, and where courageous mayors try to keep an orderly society linked to the state.and the nation at large.(without falling prey to islamic attempts at autonomy or independence.. Our ideal should be tie city of “Buon Governo” good government like Siena can give us an example including its annual horsereaces.More monumentality, more cultural interest is needed to make our new cities liveable Another part of rhis chapter looks at practical matters like transportation, the automobile, city planning even including remarks during a seminar in Beijing, China. The quesiton ofr foreign (for instance arabic) influence in our cities. Continue reading

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Introducing a working paper in DRAFT form consisting of about 20 chapters all under the short title “QUOI FAIRE” (chapter 1,2,3,etcetera) on our options to reduce mass migration to Europe. Continue reading

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A few economists see the drop of the euro versus the US dollar , and link the movements of the current year more to different monetary stance of Federal Reserve and the BCE. For the next year the euro might move up again compared to the dollar. For protection against loss in value of both those currencies physical gold and goild mining companies might be of some help. Continue reading

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French AND Turkish exaggerations

Turkey warns France about criminaloizing a denial of the “Armenian Genocide”. The author thinks both France and Turkey are exaggerating. France in the overuse of penal legislation on opinion-related themes. Turkey could have reacted better and would have in fact pleased the french people by deploring the overuse of criminal laws. Using the word “irreparable” had also the wrong overtones in a matter which deals with death, as was the persecution of Armenians. Chanceries have sometimes not the right style. Continue reading

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