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Tomorrow, 13th january 2013 big democtrations will bring hundreds of thousand French people on the streets of Paris and other major cities protesting against the new french legislative proposals weakening the traditional concept of marriage.This is not only of french ibut also of European nterest. It does not only go against perennial traditions of human reason and of faith but also against the interests of Europe in a demographic decline…
The author balances ciricisms and prais as he praises the french government for action (already much delaid but nowe clearly proven necessary) to take military action in the country of Mali and the Sahelian region. The author reflects on future better sharing of sacrifice between European and African countries. Continue reading

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Westerwelle’s Turkish Delight and Delirium

(Junge Freiheit 121226) Westerwelle für intensivere EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei       Comments by AGOS,  Paris, BERLIN. Bundesaußenminister Guido  Westerwelle (FDP) hat sich dafür  ausgesprochen, die derzeit stockenden EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei wieder zu intensivieren. „Wir Europäer sollten das … Continue reading

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