Tomorrow 13 january 2013, by the hundred-thousands,  French people will demonstrate against the nefarious  proposals  of the French government  to “deconstruct” marriage, as humanity has always known it, submitting to the pressure of small homosexual lobbies. After the “deconstruction” of social institutions made popular since the 1968 events (Derrida and his kind) real destruction seems now the order of the day.

Not only France will protest tomorrow but voices from all over Europe will join them tomorrow or later. The demonstrations will be peaceful and reasonable. I would not be surprised if even homosexuals would join our demonstration, as they think meddling with the existing legislation utterly needless and even dangerous.

The people of France  tomorrow will demonstrate for the benefit of the whole of Europe. They will demonstrate with all their might. “Might” of a spiritual nature. That might  comes in two registers: “Faith” and “Reason”. “Reason” alone should  already be quite enough to let the proposed legislation  fail, since that legislation goes not only against millennial traditions but also against the demographic and other priorities for which our continent has to prepare itself. But we know of human weakness in detecting what “reason” prescribes. An extra appeal to “Faith” therefore is very reasonable and welcome, even if some of the bishops hesitated to make that explicit and preferred to stay within the neutral terms of  general political discourse as that is narrowly circumscribed in France.

Therefor, if FAITH (the Christian, the Jewish- read on that point the essay of  the Grand Rabbi of France Bernheim, and even other kinds of faith)  can help REASON to overcome weaknesses, so be it.

That is tomorrow’s agenda.

But  tonight….

……………..we also want to praise France for its sacrifice of blood in a military operation in Mali. Such an operation was clearly needed in order to prevent an aggressive islamic take-over of the country and further dangers to the whole Sahelian region. (note: read on that aspect the comments of French academic Bernard Lugan, today perhaps Europe’s best informed africanist).       Most of our praise and sympathy goes to the family of the soldier who died, lieutenant Damien Boiteux of the 4th combat helicopter regiment of Pau, and to all families who have and keep today a son or daughter in the French military services.

We honor them and promise to strive for a situation where other European countries will take part in France’s heavy, and  costly inherited tasks in Africa. Addressing african problems will in the future need joint European action. The sacrifice should not be France’s alone. Sacrifice in helping Africa through its current crises may come in many ways : from sheer money and food (in case of  natural catastrophies), or in the form of  political action, or in sustained European diplomacy in worldwide climate or trade negotiations, or in the operations, the investments and the advanced business solutions offered by our European private enterprises if they take also African interests at heart. At the limit – as we saw yesterday –  European sacrifice may come in the way of blood if military action is strictly needed.

Among the options in this wide scale of sacrifices competent lay people will have to ponder which choice to make. If ,as they are used to, the bishops invite often  the laity to the Gospel, the laity may invite bishops to geopolitics. And if bishops often plead for sacrifice. the lay people will have to discuss and settle on WHAT sacrifice is most appropriate in a true analysis of the concrete situations. Massively opening Europe’s borders to migrants  cannot anymore be the only option.  Europe’s typical capabilities are of another nature ,and therefor their ambition must be bolder. Not in passively and permanently admitting masses of refugees, but rather acting in joint policy making together with the African nations, and if needed, intervening also militarily or with military means to prevent social upheaval and mass migration.

If we praise France tonight for the efforts and sacrifice made in Mali, by implication part of that praise goes to President Hollande, who on this issue saw and accepted the need for action. But tomorrow, Sunday 13th,  we shall be in the streets of Paris, peacefully, but determinedly demonstrating against the destruction  of marriage. That would dangerously weaken our continent.                                                                                                                   Our praise and criticism are in no way contradictory. They both have one single objective: the true long-term interests of our Europe.

Anton Smitsendonk ,                                                                                                                          “Voices of Europe”,   Paris 12 january 2013


About dutasia

Former Ambassador of the Netherlands, presently National Commissioner for Thailand and for Indonesia in the ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce, the World Business Organization. Chairman of China Carbon Forum in Beijing, China.
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