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UKRAINE 2 = Don’t make (half) promises on enlargement. Better possibilities for neighborhood action.

During the Kiev demonstrations too often European representatives expressed half promises for Ukraines accession to the Union. Such wild promises shoudl – as the Turkish exemple has taught us – be avoided . This attitude is sometimes seen as too formal, and not reflecting the struggles existing between the Quadrangle: Washington, Moscow,Brussels,Kiev.
For useful European Neighborhood -action we would favor other fields of action: accompanying Serbia to EU membership, safeguarding the Serbian position in Kosovo, finding ways with African nations to make Lampedusa unneccesary , and helping Syrian refugees temporarily and in returning to Syria. Bishops may invite laity to the Gospel, but competent laity may equally invite the bishops to geopolitics. There is work for both in realism and mutual respect. Continue reading

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  THE EU SHALL SUPPORT THE UKRAINE, BUT NOT WITH WILD WORDS.   The demonstrations in Kiev are widely followed and get good support from European countries, both in and outside the European Union. It is good to see that … Continue reading

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