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Frau Merkel : who is the “wir” in your “WIR SCHAFFEN DAS” ?

German Chancellor Angela Merkel surprised the world with an unreasoned perspective of 800.000 new immigrants to Germany. The statement was read in conflict and poor countries as an open invitation, and it was later not clearly contradicted or limited in scope.It is important to link temporary aid to refugees with other geopolitical measures and to keep the aim of return hom intact.The argument that German business leaders welcome mass immigration is dodgy and in earlier international discussions (on a UN study of 2001) refuted. Syrian refugees should be given a chance to make and register files on their properties left behind. There are earlier models (Jews returning to Poland, reconstruction of Beyrouth. Continue reading

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Europe has to help Turkey with the problem of immigration flows to that country.But never should Europe’s political leaders vtake up again the Turkish request, rather vdeman for mebership in the European Union. It never was an objective with any benefit to Europe. Strength of our continent is not in space and numbers but in cpohesion and unity. Withv Turkey we ardently wish to work together on projects in Europe and in Asia, for instance the Silk Road and other ideas The auythor was Counsellor in the netherlands Embassy in Ankara, and later Ambassador in China ,and yet later with teh OECD. Immigration is a topic to be handles with care, and respect to both sides: the migrants and preservation of Europe’s own vculture and identity Continue reading

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