About “Voices of Europe” and its friends

Pour la cohésion interne de nos peuples… et de notre Europe entière, en liaison cordiale avec les autres continents.
Strengthening the internal cohesion of our nations… and a cordial relation with other continents.


…”Europe” because  we shall reflect on Europe’s destinies, its identity, its allies, its limits and the outreach to other regions like Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, North Africa.
…”Voices” -in-the plural because never as in the USA Europe could have one single voice. Plurality is the essence of Europe even if it does have an overarching identity.
And yet if on a few specific items we might demark our terrain from the Americas, we send a cordial salute to the “Voice of America”. The United States remain our abiding great ally.
How could we ever forget our strong but younger brother. We shall not spare our advice when it is needed.
…”Voices” also in-the plural because this site will carry documents and reflections in various languages: French, English, sometimes German and Italian. If somebody would like to contribute an item in Latin language, the millennia old common tradition of Europe, so be it! Where possible we shall provide a link to a translation in either French or English.
…”Voices” also in-the plural because we need not only carry our own voice but may (where permission is granted) carry an echo to the voice of other like-minded agencies. Several groups come to mind like: Federation Pro Europa Christiana (with its active Brussels office which often sends out a note from “Talpa” a little animal living in the basements of the European Union and waring us, concerned citizens about bad decisions being talken or being prepared , La Voix des Francais, working on migration questions in France, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, the Hanns Seidel Stiftung, valid German think and action tanks, UNIAPAC, the international Christian association of business leaders, The Acton Institute, a think tank for christian social doctrine and solid economic policies in the USA, CLE, Catholiques pour les Libertes Economiques chaired by our friend Michel de Poncins, , the ICC, the International Chamber of Com merce, the World Business Organization, active in all fields of economic policy making and strong by the involkvement of its national committees, Sauvons le Climat in France working for climate protection, as well as China Carbon Forum in Beijing where friends of mine and I, Chinese as well as expatriates, bring professionals together working in the field of climate protection. Let us not forget a great favorite Sandro Magister at http://www.chiesa.espressonline We once did together an analysis of the world press and its disinformation on the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Turkey.

The list will no doubt grow in time.

In our kind of work the typical “BLOG” structure where every new day takes precedence over yesterday is not the best structure. Therefore we invite readers to look  at our page “OUR MAIN THEMES” which  list our main articles in a more structural order. Some of the articles are in several langues, English (E), French (Fr), Italian (It), Dutch (D.) or other as indicated.


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