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When Chancelor Angela Merkel threw open doors to immigration two possible motivations for her decision were mentioned: a german guuilt-cmplex remaining from a past century, and pressure from German captains of industry seeking more cheap labor , economic continuity and security for pension finance. The author would have suggested a more Europe friendly outreach by the Chanselor in for instance offering help to the military good work done by France, important also for stabuilization of the migration issues. Germany’s m neighbours se no need for expiation but would welcome as gesture in help.Any industry pressure should howver be resisted.Michele Tribalat proved for France that mass immigration cannot helpsustaining industry, demography or financing of pension schemes. Continue reading

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Europe has to help Turkey with the problem of immigration flows to that country.But never should Europe’s political leaders vtake up again the Turkish request, rather vdeman for mebership in the European Union. It never was an objective with any benefit to Europe. Strength of our continent is not in space and numbers but in cpohesion and unity. Withv Turkey we ardently wish to work together on projects in Europe and in Asia, for instance the Silk Road and other ideas The auythor was Counsellor in the netherlands Embassy in Ankara, and later Ambassador in China ,and yet later with teh OECD. Immigration is a topic to be handles with care, and respect to both sides: the migrants and preservation of Europe’s own vculture and identity Continue reading

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Maitrise migratoire et Codéveloppement

Gerard Hanezo who has a long industtrial experiencei n North African projects assembled a list of policy recommendations to associate Development Aid to Africa more closely to issues like entrepreneurship and migration. He is also close to the African diasporas in Europe which soemtimes have good entrepreneurial talent. Continue reading

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In the present discussions on the Euro troubles there is little willingness to analyze the causes.Brussels admonishes us to go only “forward ! ” .What was missing in the introduction of the Euroo was an “OWNERS MANUAL” with sufficient warnings to Greek pension funds and banks, to european banks.Lacking was also oversight which could have been contracted out to the IMF (if it could not yet be handled by the EU itself).Several suggestions are made, and at the end even a plea for more Direct Democracy, since representational democracy (via parliaments) had been sleeping.. Continue reading

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Cardinal Appiah Turkson recently sounded a warning concerning genetically modified seed used in Africa. The present aritcle adds a few experiences and examples of prudence used in other countries in similar occasions. The exampole of China to keep suopply lines short and to isolate experiments until appropriate markets are more fully ripened. Continue reading

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In April 2010 a two days conference was held in Paris with wide european participation oin the possibilities for a clean, that is mostly an electric car.Convenors were Confrontations-Europe, a stong thinktank also present in the Brussels power centers, and Sauvons-le-Cloimat, a French and European group in ptrotectiong of the environment. Our role was to bring to the conference a Chinese official speaker, Mrs Ni Hong of the MEP Ministry of Environment Protection. We were asked as members of CHINA CARBON FORUM, a private neutral platform uniting people active in the field of cliomate change and carbon markets in China. Continue reading

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