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Pope Francis “revisited Lampedusa”, with a repeated call for increased charity for immigrants and refugees. Perhaps an invitation to the faithful and general public to take an active hand in problem solving might elicit more response, under the motto : “Bishops invite laity to the Gospel ; the laity invite bishops to Geopolitics”. Continue reading

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UKRAINE 2 = Don’t make (half) promises on enlargement. Better possibilities for neighborhood action.

During the Kiev demonstrations too often European representatives expressed half promises for Ukraines accession to the Union. Such wild promises shoudl – as the Turkish exemple has taught us – be avoided . This attitude is sometimes seen as too formal, and not reflecting the struggles existing between the Quadrangle: Washington, Moscow,Brussels,Kiev.
For useful European Neighborhood -action we would favor other fields of action: accompanying Serbia to EU membership, safeguarding the Serbian position in Kosovo, finding ways with African nations to make Lampedusa unneccesary , and helping Syrian refugees temporarily and in returning to Syria. Bishops may invite laity to the Gospel, but competent laity may equally invite the bishops to geopolitics. There is work for both in realism and mutual respect. Continue reading

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Introducing a collection of quotations of contemporary and other important authors related to the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In the introduction editor Anton Smitsendonk argues that the splendid views of a road toward POINT OMEGA (=Christ) via globalization has made space for a more critical view in which the preservation of ‘TERROIR” individuality, fatherland,local cultures asks for more attention. Perhaps the books of Teilhard de Chardin were read with too hasty attention seeking validation for globalization and construction of regional blocks like the European Union. We are now more critical on the globalizing agenda.
The editor sees also a link with a too hasty reading of the message of Christ by Judas Iscariot, as well in the Islamic doctrine. We shall have to read Teilhard de Chardin with more patience, and with less attention to immediate political actuality. Continue reading

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Tomorrow, 13th january 2013 big democtrations will bring hundreds of thousand French people on the streets of Paris and other major cities protesting against the new french legislative proposals weakening the traditional concept of marriage.This is not only of french ibut also of European nterest. It does not only go against perennial traditions of human reason and of faith but also against the interests of Europe in a demographic decline…
The author balances ciricisms and prais as he praises the french government for action (already much delaid but nowe clearly proven necessary) to take military action in the country of Mali and the Sahelian region. The author reflects on future better sharing of sacrifice between European and African countries. Continue reading

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Cardinal Appiah Turkson recently sounded a warning concerning genetically modified seed used in Africa. The present aritcle adds a few experiences and examples of prudence used in other countries in similar occasions. The exampole of China to keep suopply lines short and to isolate experiments until appropriate markets are more fully ripened. Continue reading

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The discussion on the problem of MALTA (see elsewhere on our website) brought us  an occasion to take a glance at the question  how  migration issues are dealt with in the Curia of the Catholic Church. This topic is of  … Continue reading

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sur cette question etonnante que nous pose Xavier Walter nous avons la suivante NOTE DE L’EDITEUR Dicté par l’actualité, ce livre établit le rapport spirituel entre christianisme et confucéisme dont il rappelle l’exceptionnelle humanité ; il s’interroge sur l’échec des … Continue reading

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