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Maitrise migratoire et Codéveloppement

Gerard Hanezo who has a long industtrial experiencei n North African projects assembled a list of policy recommendations to associate Development Aid to Africa more closely to issues like entrepreneurship and migration. He is also close to the African diasporas in Europe which soemtimes have good entrepreneurial talent. Continue reading

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A few economists see the drop of the euro versus the US dollar , and link the movements of the current year more to different monetary stance of Federal Reserve and the BCE. For the next year the euro might move up again compared to the dollar. For protection against loss in value of both those currencies physical gold and goild mining companies might be of some help. Continue reading

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In the present discussions on the Euro troubles there is little willingness to analyze the causes.Brussels admonishes us to go only “forward ! ” .What was missing in the introduction of the Euroo was an “OWNERS MANUAL” with sufficient warnings to Greek pension funds and banks, to european banks.Lacking was also oversight which could have been contracted out to the IMF (if it could not yet be handled by the EU itself).Several suggestions are made, and at the end even a plea for more Direct Democracy, since representational democracy (via parliaments) had been sleeping.. Continue reading

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