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France as Europe’s defence arm

the European and American approach to problems in and around Urakine in the last one-and-a-half year, has been very wrong. Now that the french president went with Angela Merkel to Kiev and Moscow, his idea that France could take greater role in Europe’s defence system would be a good idea, not only for the Ukrainian quesiton but also for urgent action needed by Europe in Africa Continue reading

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un bref discour tenu a l'”impromptu” durant un diner officiel de Confrontations Europe sur le theme de la Chine au mois de Novembre 2011. Ambassadeur Smitsendonk releve la necessite de l’Euopre “a tenir le rang” avec les BRICS, y compris la Chine. Anton Smitsendonk mentionne quelques desmethodes qui sont a notre disposition. Outre la diplomatie officielle notamment l;oevre de la Chambre de Commerce de l’Union Europeenne implantee en Chine. Il produit un rapport annuel “Position Paper” qui merite l’attention des autorites chinoses et des entreprises europeennes. Continue reading

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In April 2010 a two days conference was held in Paris with wide european participation oin the possibilities for a clean, that is mostly an electric car.Convenors were Confrontations-Europe, a stong thinktank also present in the Brussels power centers, and Sauvons-le-Cloimat, a French and European group in ptrotectiong of the environment. Our role was to bring to the conference a Chinese official speaker, Mrs Ni Hong of the MEP Ministry of Environment Protection. We were asked as members of CHINA CARBON FORUM, a private neutral platform uniting people active in the field of cliomate change and carbon markets in China. Continue reading

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The idea that China is much older than Europe is completely erroneous: they are DIFFERENTLY old. While China has had a history as a massive block,sometimes divided, then ahain healed, Europe has a much more varied heritage, incorporating elements from Egypt, the Near East,Greece Rome etcetera. The two must invite each other under their own tree for deep discussions. Continue reading

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sur cette question etonnante que nous pose Xavier Walter nous avons la suivante NOTE DE L’EDITEUR Dicté par l’actualité, ce livre établit le rapport spirituel entre christianisme et confucéisme dont il rappelle l’exceptionnelle humanité ; il s’interroge sur l’échec des … Continue reading

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LINKAGE COUNCILLORS helping Europe’s “rayonnement” in our embassies

Aanswering an analaysis by John Fox and Francois Godement of Europes lackl of negotiating power and expertise with China in terms of a “power audit”, Anton Smitsendonk suggests a moderate way of increasing the cooepration of European Ambassadors in Beijing by councillors who would help finding linkage of projects and activities. Intended is also a warning against too much concentration of “power” in the hands of a European Commission diplomatic action service, and making the Commissions representative into a “super’ambassador. Continue reading

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Xavier Walter begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, grand connaisseur de la culture chinoise, jadis collaborateur etroit de Alain Peyrefitte Ministre de De Gaulle et auteur de “Choc de Cultures, la vision des Chinois” a ecrit un nouveau livre sur l’apport de Confucius a la culture chinoise. Il montre que la philosophie de Confucius est bien compatible, et peutetre “invoquait” un mot du Ciel, auquel il se declarait obeissant. Continue reading

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