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Pope Francis “revisited Lampedusa”, with a repeated call for increased charity for immigrants and refugees. Perhaps an invitation to the faithful and general public to take an active hand in problem solving might elicit more response, under the motto : “Bishops invite laity to the Gospel ; the laity invite bishops to Geopolitics”. Continue reading

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Introducing a collection of quotations of contemporary and other important authors related to the work of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In the introduction editor Anton Smitsendonk argues that the splendid views of a road toward POINT OMEGA (=Christ) via globalization has made space for a more critical view in which the preservation of ‘TERROIR” individuality, fatherland,local cultures asks for more attention. Perhaps the books of Teilhard de Chardin were read with too hasty attention seeking validation for globalization and construction of regional blocks like the European Union. We are now more critical on the globalizing agenda.
The editor sees also a link with a too hasty reading of the message of Christ by Judas Iscariot, as well in the Islamic doctrine. We shall have to read Teilhard de Chardin with more patience, and with less attention to immediate political actuality. Continue reading

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Westerwelle’s Turkish Delight and Delirium

(Junge Freiheit 121226) Westerwelle für intensivere EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei       Comments by AGOS,  Paris, BERLIN. Bundesaußenminister Guido  Westerwelle (FDP) hat sich dafür  ausgesprochen, die derzeit stockenden EU-Beitrittsverhandlungen mit der Türkei wieder zu intensivieren. „Wir Europäer sollten das … Continue reading

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ALTERNATIVES for MASS IMMigration. answering the challenge of the United Nations?

In 2000 the United Nations gave a warning to Europe on the sustainability of its retirement programs, and concluded that it might have to admit massive immigration from outside Europe to restore the “dependency ratio” needed to make programs sustainable. This warning was neglected by state leaders of Europe. Civil society should now take up the challenge, perhaps with the help of modern techniques like “systems analysis”. A long list of topics is suggested. Continue reading

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Xavier Walter begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, grand connaisseur de la culture chinoise, jadis collaborateur etroit de Alain Peyrefitte Ministre de De Gaulle et auteur de “Choc de Cultures, la vision des Chinois” a ecrit un nouveau livre sur l’apport de Confucius a la culture chinoise. Il montre que la philosophie de Confucius est bien compatible, et peutetre “invoquait” un mot du Ciel, auquel il se declarait obeissant. Continue reading

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Gerard Hannezo sur TEILHARD DE CHARDIN

Teilhard et Saint Paul (Claude Tresmontant, «  Saint Paul », Seuil, 1956.) Les nations  cohéritières Les ressources dont nous disposons, les puissances que nous avons déchaînées, ne sauraient être absorbées par le système étroit des cadres individuels et nationaux, dont se … Continue reading

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Teilhard de Chardin is a great philosopher of culture. He lived many years in China working in the field of anthropology, including paleo-anthropology. He was a Jesuit priest.His views were widely followed in the 1960’s and seventies. His influence then ebbed somewhat but interest again is growing also in countries like China, were now for the first time a book of his “The place of man in nature” will be translated and published. Groups in France and other countries follow these cultural exchanges with great interest. Continue reading

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