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QUOI FAIRE ? -chap 1 l’HABITAT – pour reduire l’immigration de masse vers l’Europe

IN OUR booklet Quoi faire contre l’immigration de masse en Europe this is chapter 1 on “HABITAT”, cities, urbanism what to do in our cities, including the difficult areas where the police has no more access, and where courageous mayors try to keep an orderly society linked to the state.and the nation at large.(without falling prey to islamic attempts at autonomy or independence.. Our ideal should be tie city of “Buon Governo” good government like Siena can give us an example including its annual horsereaces.More monumentality, more cultural interest is needed to make our new cities liveable Another part of rhis chapter looks at practical matters like transportation, the automobile, city planning even including remarks during a seminar in Beijing, China. The quesiton ofr foreign (for instance arabic) influence in our cities. Continue reading

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